Our resort takes pride in engaging with the skilled farm hands from local community, warm resort staff from rural backgrounds and talented artists & artisans from neighboring villages.

“At Marutham, we are committed to eco-conscious practices, such as organic farming, promoting resource and energy efficiency, using alternative energy sources, minimizing plastic usage and reuse and repurposing building materials. “

“At Marutham, we strive to understand the delicate harmony between nature, agriculture, and human activities, protecting natural flora and fauna.” 

“Experience the vibrant local art, architecture, culture, and cuisine as we strive to preserve and showcase them. “

Swimming Pool
Kids Play Area
Activity Zone
Farm walk
Waterfalls & Swimming Pool
Pump Set
Bullock cart ride
Shooting & Archery
Lake Trail
Folk Dance
Milking the cows
Farm Animals
Traditional Games & Crafts
Cattle farm
Day Outing

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